How to prepare for Spring Season

Have you been hearing about 'spring is coming' from everyone? Well, the wait is over, and now is the time to put the winter skincare products in a small case and take out the magical spring box!

Now, you would be wondering what is actually inside the spring box that can change your skincare game? Well, there is a secret that paves the way for you towards something similar to beautiful Korean skin!

Whenever we hear about Korean skin, glass skin comes to our mind. It is a dream for many of us to achieve that perfect glass-like transparent skin free of all sorts of impurities and other issues. But, it can be possible if you choose the right product and follow an ideal skincare regime for every season.

Your skin has just been through all sorts of rough patches of winter; now, it seems a little difficult to bring back the glow that your skin needs during spring. Don't worry; we have a perfect skincare routine for you to gear up for the warm welcome of spring!

A Warm Welcome To The Spring With The Right Skincare Routine

Let's Get Rid of Makeup



You must think that it's pretty basic to remove makeup when you come back from a party. Well, some of us should be named lazy queens as we don't like removing makeup at all. We just jump in our bed with makeup on (sounds terrible!) or slather the facewash and splash some water on our face. We'll advise the opposite!


You've got to be gentle with your skin and treat it with royalty. Just take a mild water cleanser and clean your face thoroughly until the real you shines brightly! Like this COSRX - LOW PH MORNING CLEANSER that will remove sebum and impurities and doesn't clog your pores and above all? It is extremely gentle on your skin.


Oil Cleanse Till You Feel Clean


Are you running from oil cleansers because you have oily skin? But, it doesn't do any good and strips your skin of natural oils! Fortunately, we are here to rebuild your trust in oil cleansers! Korean skincare teaches us to let go of the 'oil is bad' mentality and dive into the world of oil cleansers to have a soothing effect on our skin. iUnik - Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil is what we recommend because it's made of 94% plant oil and Calendula extract. Be ready to have smooth and moisturized skin!


Say Bye to Dead Skin With Exfoliators



You might have some dead skin issues due to harsh winters and not paying heed to exfoliating. Don't worry; spring gives you many chances to bring back exfoliators in your life! The dead skin cells do not deserve to stay on your skin to clog your pores. Try this COSRX - BHA BLACKHEAD POWER LIQUID to keep your skin away from acne, clogged pores, and dead skin cells.



Relax With a Dry Sheet Mask


Now is the time to sit back and relax! Slather some mask on your face and think about all the plans you'll be making after this skincare regime.

The world of face masks has drastically changed with Korean sheet mask technology. It is a sheet of paper that is soaked into a serum. You might have been all head over heels for your traditional cream masks, but you'll forget what the traditional masks felt like after using a sheet mask. Try KLAIRS - MIDNIGHT BLUE CALMING SHEET MASK, which is made of carbon and bamboo and reduces enlarged pores.


Moisturize Till Your Skin Shines


You've been taught skincare all wrong if you think moisturization isn't for you because you've got oily skin! Oily or not, your skin needs moisturization even if your T-zone has truckloads of oil. The beauty of Korean skincare is that it emphasizes hydration, and the moisturizers have equal amounts of water with emollients to keep the skin smooth and supple. Klairs - Rich Moist Soothing Cream is suitable for all skin types and provides the right amount of moisturization that your skin deserves.