Water cleansers

A cleansing gel is a cleanser for the skin that turns into foam after application. With a cleansing gel you can easily remove everyday make-up.


Cleansing gel

When you clean your face, you naturally want a product that instantly removes all impurities and cleans your pores. A cleansing gel is then the perfect solution. A cleansing gel is very suitable for people with oilier skin.

You use a cleansing gel by applying a little to your fingertips and then rubbing it between your hands so that it starts to foam. Then massage the cleansing gel onto wet skin. The gel gently cleanses your face and absorbs excess sebum so that you are less likely to suffer from acne.

What is a cleansing gel?

A cleansing gel is a gel that cleans your facial skin from impurities such as make-up, dead skin cells and sebum. A cleansing gel is easy to use in the morning and/or evening. The gel texture means you don't need cotton wool, and it also makes it extremely suitable to use in the shower.

Many cleansing gels use ingredients that address a particular skin problem. In addition, the skin is hydrated, cared for and balanced.

Cleansing gels are suitable for normal to oily skin, but if you suffer from very dry skin, a different type of cleanser is often more effective.

Korean facial cleansing gel

In Korea, a cleansing gel is an important part of the famous skincare routine because it is the second step of the entire process after a cleansing oil. So, since it should be available to everyone, you will find many different types of Korean cleansing gel on the market. 

A good cleansing gel is suitable for almost every skin type. Only people with very dry skin should be careful using a cleansing gel as it can further dry out the skin.

How do you use a cleansing gel in your routine?
You use the cleansing gel as a second step in your double cleansing routine to remove excess sebum, dirt and make-up from your skin. Apply the gel to your fingers and gently massage it over wet skin. Then rinse off the foam with lukewarm water and pat your face dry with a soft, dry and clean towel. You can then apply a peeling or scrub as the next step.

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