Chantu Beauty: Korean skincare at its best

Chantu Beauty is a webshop with a very extensive range of Korean skin care products. Korean skin care is well known worldwide and increasingly popular. Korean skincare goes much further than just taking care of and nourishing the skin, you can actually see Korean skincare as a lifestyle. Characteristic of Korean skincare are the natural and pure ingredients that are used for skin care, making the products extremely skin-friendly and containing no aggressive substances. Examples of natural ingredients that are widely used in Korean skin care products are green tea and ginseng.

Wide choice of brands and types of products – skincare for every budget

Chantu Beauty offers care products for every skin type, from very dry to oily skin. Chantu Beauty sells a variety of Korean brands, some examples of which are Holika Holika, Neogen, Cosrx, and Purito. In addition to the various unique products each of the brands has to offer, this wide range of brands also ensures products in different budget categories. In the Chantu Beauty webshop, the products are classified in various clear ways. For example, it is possible to search by product category, but also a selection based on skin type, brand name or even type of skin problem is possible. The different ways of presentation make it possible to search very specifically for products, tailored to your specific wishes and skin type. When you have selected a product, a clear description is given of the effect, ingredients and method of use of the product. So it is immediately clear whether a certain product is what you are looking for.

The different product categories on Chantu Beauty

In the Chantu Beauty webshop, Korean skin care products from no less than ten different product categories are available. These product categories are called 'routines' on Chantu Beauty, referring to the steps that are taken during the daily skin care ritual. At Chantu Beauty, a clear distinction is made between the following categories of beauty products: oil cleansers, water cleansers, exfoliators, toners, essences, serums, eye creams, masks, moisturizers and sun creams. Within each of these categories, a wide range of products from different brands (and therefore also with different prices) is offered. Chantu Beauty therefore offers something for everyone! We ship within the European Union countries. 

Still have questions or need advice?

As you have read above, the Chantu Beauty website is very extensive and Chantu Beauty is not just a standard webshop. Do you still have questions or comments? Of course, Chantu Beauty's customer service is always there for you. Whether you have a question about a specific product from the webshop or are looking for expert advice in the field of skin care, Chantu Beauty is happy to help you with this.